Bolivia, possibly the most underrated destination in South America, the world

If Bolivia isn’t on your radar, it will be.

Here are seven indisputable reasons why the land of 36 languages is a must for anyone visiting South America.

A rough guide to productive long-term travel

Many people want to travel but prescribe to a myth that wandering is for goalless vagabonds procrastinating the responsibilities of the ‘real world.’ However, nothing could be further from the truth. there are various ways one can take part in productive long-term travel.


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The Captivating Murals of Valparaíso

Chile’s best art isn’t found in the museums, but in the streets of one of its most famous seaside cities.

Panama’s City of Eternal Spring

A small town surrounded by beauty in the heart of the highlands.

NOLA in Pictures

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Volunteering on an Organic Farm in Costa Rica (Video)

Located in a rural and remote village in Costa Rica, La Finca Chinchilla offers a truly authentic farmstay experience for volunteers.