Trike Travel in the Philippines

Traveling around in the Philippines is cheap and pretty fun thanks to the use of motorized trikes.

What is a motororized trike you might ask?

photo (40)

Well, exactly what it sounds like actually.

It’s a motorbike that’s been jury-rigged to use an extra wheel creating a ‘tricycle’ effect which harnesses a metal carriage that can transport up to three people comfortably, four with a tight squeeze, five with one on the back of the drivers seat and six with someone standing on the side of the carriage (pretty nifty, huh).

Some of the younger drivers supe their trike’s up decorating them with radios, lights and pictures on the outside – Bob Marley seemed to be a common motif, which I appreciated.

A 10-15 minute ride costs between 50-100 Philippine Pesos ($1 – $2.20 USD).

The only drawback – it’s a bit bumpy (as my video shows).

Still, it’s a really interesting way to see the city or countryside of the Philippines.