Psy’s latest single “Gentleman” attracts thousands of fans

Psy performed for 50,000 K-Pop fans his new single “Gentleman” for the first time at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium, South Korea, on Saturday.

Crowds gathered hours before the “Happening” concert began with people coming from as far as Europe just to see Psy in person.

South Korean superstar Psy, aka Park Jae Sang, released “Gentleman” nine months after his first song “Gangynam Style” became a world-wide Youtube sensation.

Psy asked concertgoers to wear only white clothes as he posted various images of himself in costumes varying from a white bridal gown to a spacesuit as part of the promotion for the “Happening” concert.

Those not attending were invited to watch a live stream of the event on Psy’s official youtube channel.