‘March For Our Lives’ – Survivors and activists speak up at Parkland rally

Thousands of people participated in the ‘March For Our Lives’ rally in Parkland on Saturday, rallying for gun reform and measures to make schools safer in the same town where seventeen people were shot and killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School a month earlier.

One of the speakers at the rally, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior Samantha Mayor, was shot in the knee during the incident that occurred on February 14.

“I was taking notes in my psychology classroom when horrid sound of gunshots echoed the walls of the twelve-hundred building,” Mayor said.

“My classmates and I laid helplessly on the floor hearing and feeling rapid gunfire. As I’m aware of the horrific tape that replays in my head will never be rewinded, I’m also aware that the need for change is overdue.”

Also pleading for change was Max Schachter, whose son Alex Schachter was among one of those victims.

After the rally, students led the way for a one-mile march to the school.

The event in Parkland was one among a thousand taking place across the nation and around the world on Saturday.