Anti-Trump activists protest Orlando campaign rally

Hundreds of activists and students from the University of Central Florida (UCF), gathered outside CFE Arena in Orlando to protest against Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant rhetoric, Saturday, while he staged a campaign rally inside the arena.

The protesters held banners reading “America was founded by Immigrants” while chanting “We are immigrants!” “The American people are buying what he is selling. And like they say, he is selling false promises which he cannot deliver on, and we’ve been getting that for 20 years,” said one of the protesters. “He could be our next president and I don’t want to live in that America,” added another.

Trump has been criticized throughout his campaign for his stance on immigration, the refugee situation and Islam. In December, 2015, he received widespread condemnation after he called for a “total and complete shutdown” of all Muslims entering the US. Despite his controversial comments, Trump came out on top among voters in seven states on Super Tuesday, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.