Gamcheon Culture Village: Busan’s Hidden Gem

With the spread of vividly colorful houses sitting atop a seaside cliff, Taegeukdo Village looks more like scenery you’d find in South America or coastal Italy, not South Korea.

Because of its stark contrast to the ultra sleek buildings found in Gangnam and pale high rise industrial-esque residential apartment towers that swallow most of Seoul, Taegeukdo Village (aka Gamcheon Culture Village) has become a popular destination for locals and foreigners over the years.

The village, originally formed in 1918 as a community for followers of the Taegeukdo religion, and later refugees during the Korean War, derives it’s name from the ‘taegeuk’ – more commonly known to westerners as the yin and yang symbols, representing the balance of the universe.

Far from the busy beach scene where most frolic to in Busan, Taegeukdo Village is a perfect retreat to get lost in narrow alley ways and explore a different, more humbling side of South Korea.













How To Get There

The the 17 or 17-1 bus across from Busan Station and get off at the last stop. A short walk up from there you can catch the local bus (maeul bus). Take the bus and get off at Gamjeong Elementary School.

You can also take the metro to Toseong Station (Exit 6). Walk straight until you reach Pusan National University Hospital. From there you can take bus No. 2 or No.2-2. Once you reach the top of the hill get off at Gamcheon Elementary School.